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This is a page where i rabble about music i am creating or listening to, comics, movies and other rubbish a boy talks about at times

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There is a lot of apologisies I need to make to a lot of women (a few actually follow me on here). And this post isn’t some dumb quote from a movie or song, this is actually something that needs to be done for me to progress in life. Sometimes I treated girls poorly and they need to know that I am ridiculously sorry for sorry for everything that has happened. At times I was the worse kind of guy any girl got in contact with and I feel more sorry for you every day.

New band, new song

My new bands new jam, for fans for pianos become the teeth, touche amore, basement, etc, etc

New Album Details From La Dispute




In a recent blog post La Dispute revealed that they have finished tracking for their forthcoming album. Lead singer Jordan Dreyer also revealed that there are 14 tracks and the album focuses on loss and trying to get it back. An excerpt on the concept of the album can be found below.

preliminary dedication for this record is for anyone who has ever lost someone or something that gave them purpose and was simultaneously confronted with the always daunting task of finding it back or finding something else to replace it. You will, you will.

So excited for this too!

Sounds like a perfect fucking album

Paint a picture of a hero sitting alone at a gas station, rain pouring, no intention of leaving